Future Homeowners

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Loveland Habitat for Humanity builds 6 homes a year for families in need of a decent, affordable home. Our future homeowners are in the process of putting in their sweat equity, taking educational and financial courses, and preparing to receive the keys to their own home. Here are some of the stories of the individuals and families currently in the process:


Future Homeowner – Grace

Grace is a single mother of boys—12 and 14.  They like to play sports and be outside but their apartment complex is a little worrisome.  The youngest son has asthma and many tenants smoke (smoking is allowed in the apartment units) which permeates the walls and triggers asthma attacks.  Grace has worked at the same car dealership for several years.  Having a habitat home would allow the boys to have a yard to play in and not always be worried about playing quietly.  This would be a great blessing to her family.


Future Homeowner – Malissa

Malissa is a single mom of three kids. Malissa was a stay at home mom until her divorce. Now she has worked for King Soopers for the last 2 years. They are currently living in her parent’s basement. The basement only has one bedroom and a family room. Malissa’s 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son share the bedroom. Malissa and youngest daughter share the pullout bed in the family room area. This is a life long dream of Malissa’s to become independent and provide a safe home for her children.



Future Homeowners – Kristin and Kyle


Kristin and Kyle are the parents of two children. Kyle has been employed at DirecTV for the last 7 years and Kristin works as an early childhood group leader at Immanuel Lutheran School. Kristin and Kyle are currently living with Kristin’s parents. Though they are blessed to have their support, they’re looking forward to having a place of their own. Learning what actually goes into build a house has been something Kristin and Kyle have gotten to experience during this process. It has been a wonderful experience for them both.

“We have been waiting so long for this dream to come true. My kids will have their own space and we will have our own space. It will be ours.” 



Future Homeowner – Evvie

Evvie has been working at an orthopedic spine surgery center for over 2 years. She lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with her teenage daughter and her elderly mother and pays high rent. As she’s working through her sweat equity, Evvie learned how to use power tools, paint, and level out floors. She has enjoyed working with the volunteers who come out and dedicate their time to building Habitat homes. Evvie is looking forward to having more space and privacy in her own home.

“I am building because my family and I are worth it and deserve to be happy, healthy, and have a home to call our own.”