Meet our Homeowners

Since our founding in 1987, we’ve had the honor of helping over 150 Loveland families build and own their home. Here’s a few of their stories:

  • Future Homeowner – Alexa thumbnail

    Future Homeowner - Alexa

    Alexa is a third grade teacher in Loveland. Currently, she lives in a house with four other people and doesn’t qualify for a mortgage with her income. Owning her own home has been her dream for a long time and believes this opportunity will change her life drastically. Alexa believes… learn more »

  • Future Homeowner – Becki thumbnail

    Future Homeowner - Becki

    Becki is a single mother of an 8 year old daughter. Becki is rebuilding her life. She has worked hard to help heal all of the wounds she and her daughter have endured over the years. She has been working at an appliance repair company for the last year and… learn more »

  • Future Homeowner – Malissa thumbnail

    Future Homeowner - Malissa

    Malissa is a single mom of three kids. Malissa was a stay at home mom until her divorce. Now she has worked for King Soopers for the last 2 years. They are currently living in her parent’s basement. The basement only has one bedroom and a family room. Malissa’s 15… learn more »

  • Grace thumbnail


    Grace is a single mother of boys—12 and 14. They like to play sports and be outside but their apartment complex is a little worrisome. learn more »
  • Kareem & Intisar thumbnail

    Kareem & Intisar

    Seeking an affordable home, in a quiet, safe neighborhood to raise their daughter, led Kareem and Intisar to apply for a Habitat home. They were new to homeownership in the U.S., and were very happy when they had been selected. Together they participated in the homeowner education program and worked on the construction site and at the ReStore. Working along-side volunteers introduced them to members from around our community. They moved into their Habitat home in April 2018. learn more »
  • Kevin thumbnail



    Kevin’s family outgrew their home several years ago and increases in housing and rent prices left them with no options, and they worried they would need to leave Loveland. The news they were approved for Habitat filled them with hope and happiness for a better future in Loveland.… learn more »

  • Michael, Brandi & Family thumbnail

    Michael, Brandi & Family

    Michael and Brandi shared a 3-bedroom apartment with their 5 children. They tried to buy a home on the conventional market, but were unable to qualify for a loan amount sufficient to purchase a home that would fit their family. While challenging, they enjoyed working on the construction site, learning a lot while working side by side with volunteers and fellow Habitat homeowners. They took ownership of their new home in May 2019. learn more »
  • Nikkole thumbnail


    Nikkole is a Loveland native and works at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center. Events beyond her control necessitated her return to her parents’ home, but she yearned to be independent and to take on the responsibilities of homeownership. She was always aware of Habitat, and has been amazed at the compassion… learn more »

  • Samantha thumbnail


    Samantha currently has substandard housing.  She lives in a fifth wheel she owns and houses on a friend’s property.  She pays lot rent. The home is in disrepair, the roof has been fixed many times, but still leaks.  She lives in LaPorte and the wind is sometimes pretty ferocious.  The… learn more »

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