Stories & Home Construction

Since our founding in 1987, we’ve had the honor of helping over 130 Loveland families build and own their home. Here’s a few of their stories:

  • Kareem & Intisar thumbnail

    Kareem & Intisar

    Seeking an affordable home, in a quiet, safe neighborhood to raise their daughter, led Kareem and Intisar to apply for a Habitat home. They were new to homeownership in the U.S., and were very happy when they had been selected. Together they participated in the homeowner education program and worked on the construction site and at the ReStore. Working along-side volunteers introduced them to members from around our community. They moved into their Habitat home in April 2018.
  • Kelly & Son thumbnail

    Kelly & Son

    A single mom, Kelly raised her son Jeffrey on her own. Jeffrey has struggled with major health issues since he was an infant, making it difficult for Kelly to pursue a career and manage Jeffrey’s medical care and frequent long-distance hospital visits. This created the perfect storm of high medical expenses and low income, making it difficult to find and keep a good home to raise and grow a family. Working with Habitat created a world of opportunity, and introduced her to new and lasting friendships. They moved into their new Habitat home in 2017 and continues to volunteer, sharing her journey to homeownership with groups.

  • Michael, Brandi & Family thumbnail

    Michael, Brandi & Family

    Michael and Brandi shared a 3-bedroom apartment with their 5 children. They tried to buy a home on the conventional market, but were unable to qualify for a loan amount sufficient to purchase a home that would fit their family. While challenging, they enjoyed working on the construction site, learning a lot while working side by side with volunteers and fellow Habitat homeowners. They took ownership of their new home in May 2019.

With your support, Loveland Habitat helps families build decent, affordable homes and stronger, brighter futures. Please volunteer or make a donation today!

Building Homes & Community in Loveland

Loveland Habitat builds decent, affordable homes, and while you probably already knew that, we wanted to share a little more about our home construction operation.

Habitat homes are not that different from other homes in the Loveland area. They are built from the ground up, and include brand new appliances. Every home we build must be permitted and pass inspection to ensure the safety and protection of our families. The only difference (and biggest!) is that our homes are built by volunteers! We work year-round and build 4 days a week, with 5-6 homes under construction at any given time. 

We’re fortunate for the support of many great donors nationally and locally to help keep our homes affordable. Home appliances are donated by Whirlpool and many of our local tradespeople donate or provide their services at a reduced cost. We couldn’t do what we do without the help from our community. 

We’re Building in Sierra Valley, Loveland

Loveland Habitat is now building homes in the neighborhood of Sierra Valley, which is located just approximately 1/4 mile west of Highway 287, on SW 14th Street. They entrance street is Valency Drive.