WeBuild Custom Cabinets

High Quality Craftsmanship, Helping Build A Stronger Community.

All cabinets are built through the WeBuild program set-up by Habitat for Humanity Colorado, at the Crowley Correctional Facility in Olney, CO. Through a four-year journeyman program, inmates learn the basics of carpentry – skills they will carry into the workforce after release. The WeBuild cabinet program acts as a catalyst for change, both for the families who benefit from the donations and the inmates who are able to give back.  

Highest Quality Craftsmanship, Built to Your Specs.

Now you can purchase the same custom made cabinets that Habitat home owners enjoy, direct from the Loveland Habitat ReStore. Because they’re custom-made, you can choose your design, door profiles, finishes and hardware. All cabinets are built to your design’s measurements built in Colorado, offering the highest level of craftsmanship.

Built with love and painstaking attention to detail, all cabinets are built with 100% hardwood, featuring dovetailed corners.

    •   100% hardwood cabinetry
    •   Dovetailed corners
    •   Variety of door profiles, finishes and hardware
    •   Custom-built to your specifications and measurements



We’re here to help! Please call the ReStore at (970) 669-7343.