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Through housing, Loveland Habitat for Humanity helps families build strength, stability, and independence. To help address this need, Loveland Habitat is building quality, affordable homes in the Sierra Valley neighborhood of Loveland. All of the homes are built by volunteers and the homeowners. We raise funds for construction supplies and materials through donations, grants, and corporate partnerships.

“Habitat is helping me make my dream come true of being a homeowner in the town where I work and live. Owning my home in Loveland makes me feel more apart of the community and it gives me confidence and security in my living situation..” -Alexa, A Future Homeowner

What can a corporate partnership do for you?

  • A corporate partnership with Loveland Habitat for Humanity can reinforce your company’s social responsibility strategy. 78% of Americans want companies to address important issues and 87% will purchase a product because a company advocates for an issue they care about.
  • Corporate giving leads to a positive work environment, increases employee engagement, promotes a positive public image, and enhances consumer relationships.
  • Sponsoring a Habitat build day or other event can provide your company with tax benefits
  • Joint marketing and co-branding with one of the strongest and most recognized brands in the United States. 

Why Loveland Habitat for Humanity?

  • According to the Loveland/Berthoud Association of Realtors from 2013-2017, the median sales price of a home in our community has increased 44.1%. Over the same time frame, the median rent has increased by 29%, while the median family income has only increased 6.6%. Changes this drastic have impacted hard working families living in Loveland and make it extremely difficult to purchase an affordable home.
  • In Colorado, 1 in 7 households spend more than half of their income on housing. This creates a burden that often requires families to make choices between their housing, healthcare, education, and transportation. 
  • Demand from COVID-19 has created stronger need than ever. The Census Bureau’s weekly survey of American households shows that 20% of Colorado families are reporting housing insecurity, missing a rent payment, or missing a mortgage payment. 
  • Loveland Habitat for Humanity is Loveland’s only non-profit agency that creates affordable homeownership for low and moderate income families.

We must continue to expand our volunteer and funding capacity to provide hard working families with the educational and homeownership resources they need to improve all facets of their lives. Learn more about partnership opportunities with Loveland Habitat.

Partner Opportunities

Matching gift programs double the impact of a donation!

Does your company offer matching gifts? Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that will match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees! It doubles the impact of donations made to help build affordable homes. Let us know how we can help make your employee’s gift go further.

Contact Vince Deely for more information about supporting Loveland Habitat for Humanity’s affordable housing mission.