Why Home Matters

Homeownership can transform lives. Habitat for Humanity’s US Research & Measurement team is building a collection of resources to support the evidence-based case for Habitat. These evidence briefs are filled with research on outcomes associated with housing and homeownership and how Habitat makes an impact beyond the house.

Who Has Access to Homeownership?

It is important to understand who currently has access to homeownership and what factors play a role. Read Evidence Brief 1: Who has access to homeownership?

Outcomes associated with affordable housing.

Beyond the House- Habitat’s Impact on the Community

Habitat for Humanity makes a tremendous impact on the lives of homeowners. Our work impacts a wide variety of outcomes that are shown above. In addition to making affordable homeownership possible for low income families, our work makes a direct investment in the community’s economic strength, through spending on construction supplies, contractor businesses and more.

Click here to read an infographic about how Habitat’s investments ripple across local economies.